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Festa Noria
Festa Noria
Fortified Wine
Fortified Wine
place of origin
Vineyards planted as trees still franc rootstock (Latin vineyard), on the coast in the lower Sulcis.
soil composition
Calcareous soils, clay mixed with sand
grape varieties
Native red grapes
Hot and dry summers, mild winter.
Manual harvest that begins in late September and ending around mid October.
vinication and development
The grapes are selected and picked by hand, after a long period of drying in the sun, are fermented with classic red vinification, starting from a temperature of about 20 ° C, to reach a maximum of 28 ° C.Consumed about 2/3 of residual sugar, the wine is cooled to stop fermentation, and added of vinous alcohol, thus obtaining a liquor wine with an important residual sugar and a final alcohol of about 16% Vol. Aging in small oak barrels from the third step, for several years.
tasting notes
Amber color with garnet red, intense smell, balsamic with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and Mediterranean essences (myrtle, juniper).The taste is enveloping, warm, full and persistent, the maximum expression of a territory.meditation wine.
constant temperature of 17 ° C, humidity 75-80%, away from light and horizontal bottle.
Chalice of great breadth and medium-wide rim, at a temperature of 18 ° C.