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Grotta Rossa
Grotta Rossa
Carignano del Sulcis DOC.
Carignano del Sulcis DOC.
place of origin
Exclusively carignano grapes from bush-growth and counter-espalier vineyards in the lower Sulcis area.
soil composition
Medium mixture, tending to loose, with clay, sand and limestone composition.
grape varieties
Carignano 100%.
Hot and dry summers, mild winters.
In regular years, the harvesting of carignano grapes starts in the second half of September and ends in the first half of October.
vinication and development
The must ferments in the skin at a temperature of 25 to 30 °C. It is regularly pumped up to favour the transfer to the must of the compounds present in the pomace. Malolactic fermentation imparts a distinctive mellowness to this wine, which is then matured for several months in cement vats before bottling.
tasting notes
Colour: Intense ruby red. Nose: Intense fruity scent with a final note of liquorice. Palate: An elegant wine, with good body in the mouth.
Constant temperature 17 °C, humidity 75-80%, away from light, horizontal bottle.
Medium-large goblet with medium rim, serving temperature 16-18 °C.
Best matched with rich first courses and tasty second courses based on meat, light game and noble poultry.